Code of Expectations

For Launchpad Champions Presenters

It is a privilege to be invited into a school to offer a Launchpad Champions programme. Therefore, we expect all Launchpad Champions Presenters to abide by the following Code of Expectations:

  1. Become an accredited Launchpad Champions Presenter by:
    1. Completing at least three modules of the online training course
    2. Signing our Code of Expectations every three years
    3. Undergoing Police Vetting every three years
    4. Obtaining a Church Endorsement every three years
  2. Respect and uphold the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, te Tiriti o Waitangi.
  3. Present from a Launchpad (Aotearoa New Zealand) approved curriculum.
  4. Be a committed Christian who affirms the doctrine held by their church/denomination in which they are endorsed. Remaining in good standing with that church throughout the period of their time with Launchpad.
  5. Accept that the purpose of Launchpad Champions is to educate our tamariki about Christian values. A Launchpad Champions Presenter must not use their position to engage in evangelism.
  6. Present positively. Use language that tamariki understand and not religious jargon.
  7. Acknowledge that there are other worldviews and respect the variety of experiences and beliefs represented among the tamariki in the class (and their whānau).
  8. Always be on time and leave the class in a settled condition. Advise your Team Leader beforehand if you are unable to present, so they can arrange a replacement.
  9. Co-operate with the Principal, school staff, Launchpad Champions Team Leader and Regional Office Staff in every possible way.
  10. Abide by the school’s policies on behaviour management, safety and emergency procedures.
  11. Commit to attending a professional development workshop each year.
  12. Under no circumstances are tamariki to be photographed or filmed unless specific prior approval is given by the school and parents/guardians.
  13. Presenters will not engage in conversation or give an opinion on topics outside of our curriculum.
    The child should be directed to speak to their parents/guardians or whānau instead.