Not simply by having a Launchpad Champions programme, no.
Launchpad is inclusive and welcoming of all tamariki, no matter who they are or whatever they and their whānau believe.
In fact, Launchpad Champions directly supports human rights and teaches children not to discriminate by reinforcing values such as diversity and respect, and competencies such as relating to others and managing self.
Schools are only at risk of breaching human rights laws if they actively discriminate against students, including based on religious beliefs or lack thereof.
Furthermore, recent changes to the law (Education and Training Act 2020) requiring religious instruction to be opt-in has provided another safeguard for schools in this respect e.g. against accusations from pressure groups.
Other relevant recommendations for schools from the Ministry of Education’s guidelines in this area include:

  • Providing full and accurate information (included in Launchpad’s opt-in form)
  • Ensuring safety checks on volunteers have been completed (Launchpad ensures its presenters are endorsed, police-vetted, trained, and sign a code of conduct)
  • Using community consultation to inform your decision
  • Offering valid alternatives if religious instruction takes place when the school would usuallybe open for teaching
  • Having a school complaints procedure that is communicated to families and whānau anduse that procedure to resolve issues